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I'm currently reading a science fiction book called The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. It's 270 pages long but I'm currently on page 39. The main character's name is Lina, her city is lite up by huge    flood lamps but the city is slowly falling apart. (The town been around for 200 years and I think it's protected by dome but it hasn't been confirmed yet.) The city of ember is running out of supplies, power, and food quickly. So far in the story the main has been given a job, Pipeworker. Pipeworkers work under the city, where the river that powers the generator which powers the flood lamps is. It's very dangerous, you can fall in the river, get lost, or worse. The job she wanted was Messager, delivering messages around the city. Her old friend, Doon, gets Messager. They trade jobs since the other wants the other job. She becomes Messager and starts delivering messages throughout the city. This is so far all that's happened.

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