Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Blog #7

In Life As We Knew It, the moon moved closer to the earth and no one really thought what it could do. The impact it would have on humanity and the environment around us. I believe this relates to how we never really consider the consequences of global warming. In the book, shortly after the moon moves closer a tsunami destroyed coastal cities, islands, and most of Australia. The weather also begins to go all haywire too. This is just some of the consequences of global warming. The sea level would rise and we don't know how much, this means it could destroy more than we think. Since global warming would melt most or all of the ice, the ocean current would more than likely shut down. If the ocean currents shut down European countries will be buried in snow and ice because the ocean current brings warm weather. That's only the beginning though, the consequences continue. They never considered what a comet could do if hit the moon, just like we never considered what global warming can really do

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