Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blog Post #4

Currently, I'm reading Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin and a quote that I like is "If I ever think of another four-homonym group, it will be a red-letter day."

I find this quote interesting because I don't know what 'red-letter day' is. I have some questions about this and I hope they will be answered soon. I have a few ideas but there nothing really to go for of. This is why it's interesting, I want to know what it means and what will happen. Hopefully I find out what red-letter day is.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My books - 5 questions I've had about my book so far

(My book is Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan)

1. Why does Mike does dislike his red hair?
2. Why do Ivy's parents think Ivy's hobby of music isn't good?
3. What happened to Friedrich at the end of  part one?
4. What happened to Mike at the end of part two?
5. Why did Mrs. Sturbridge start being nice and making it seem like she was keeping her promise then break it?