Monday, January 9, 2017

My books - Summary of what's happened so far

So far in the book I'm reading (The City of Ember) the main character, Lina, has found a mysterious letter in the closet. Well, her Grandma and little sister did. Her grandma has been saying that her grandfather lost something and no one has found it. Now the letter has been found but no one knows what it means, what it says (Lina's sister was chewing on it), or if it's even important. Lina is determined to find out what it means, she believes it could possibly by instructions to save the city. Which the city is in need of desperate need of saving, in the last chapter the longest blackout so far has happened, seven minutes. Supplies is getting scarcer by the day, rumors of blackouts becoming more frequent and lightbulbs running out, and the Mayor is doing nothing about it expect lying about a solution. Lina is just stuck not knowing what to do, so she decides to write to the Mayor despite not trusting him.

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