Friday, April 1, 2016

March 31

About two years ago I went on my first actual roller coaster. I had been on small small roller coaster and a few crazy thrill rides at the Dupage County fair that happens in the summer but I never been on a roller coaster. It was two weeks until school started and my family had just finished moving in to the apartment were at now. The summer had been really boring (finding a place and moving is boring) so my parents surprised me by going to Six Flags. I was so excited to going on a roller coaster, I couldn't keep still in the line. The first roller coaster we rode was the X-flight and it was amazing! The rush of air in your face, your stomach turning inside out, and the first drop, it was so awesome! I loved going on roller coaster since, even though I'm scared at first, I love them in the end!

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