Monday, April 25, 2016

Intro Poetry Reflection

1. There are a few that poems need to be poems, the first is emotions. While emotions are important in most pieces of writing in poetry it's 10 times more important in poetry because you have piece of writing that still has be good. When many people see a short written piece of writing people think it's bad because there's no room for emotions and without emotions things are bland so catch your reader off guard with a lot of emotion in a poem. This also helps the reader find a theme/moral for your poem because the reader will know the moral can follow an emotion. Another very important thing for poems to have is being descriptive, you want to paint a picture in the readers head. While this is something you should do in all writing in poetry you want to paint a picture a little more because it helps set the tone of the poem which can help the reader find a moral.

2. Something that a poem shouldn't be is long and talking information because when a poem get long it becomes essay. Poems are normally tell you a life lesson not something you can learn in school or in your spare time.

3.  Some difference between Williams and Bradstreet poem is Williams's poems are short while Bradstreet's poem are long. Williams's poems also have multiple stanzas with few lines while Bradstreet's poem is one big stanza with a lot of lines. Bradstreet's poem also has a lot more metaphorical language and older language in it than Williams's poems.

4. One thing that Williams's and Bradstreet's poems have in common is they are descriptive, whether that be paint a picture of kid doing something wrong or two people in love and how it better than everything else.

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