Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 25

How to play Minecraft (Pc version)
1. When your world loads up the first thing you want to do is punch a tree. Why you ask? Simple, you need wood for just about everything in minecraft. I recommend punching down two trees and you do this by holding the left button on your mouse.
2. Open your crafting inventory by pressing E, near the top you will see a two by two space, this is were you craft. Put most of tree wood in one the space and you'll see wood appear on the other side (next to the arrow). Once you got that done put one piece of wood in each open space of the two by two area. You should get a crafting table, this crafting table is what you will using to craft from now on.
3. Hit E again to exit the inventory, in the hot bar (the seven slots that are still on your screen after closing your inventory) you should have put your crafting table there. Place down the crafting table by right clicking when you're over it. Right click again to open a three by three crafting menu, this will you're main crafting menu from now on.
4. Now let's make some sticks and pickaxe, first you will need to make the sticks. Place one (or however many pieces) of wood in the bottom row and middle row, only in the middle of the rows. You such get some sticks, right click to get them. Now to make a pickaxe, you will need two sticks and three wood. Place one stick in the bottom row and middle row, in the middle of each row. Place a piece of wood in each section in the top row, you should get a pickaxe. Hit E to exit the crafting screen.
5. Okay so now that you have done you probably only have a few minutes left before the sunset and all the mobs come out (creepers, skeletons, endermen, and all that fun stuff). You still need two very important things, stone and shelter. First the stone (a gray block), if you any around you go for it but you need eight places of it a least. If don't see any stone close by don't freak out, you just need to dig a little staircase until you find some stone. Okay now that you got some stone you need to build a quick shelter.
6. So if you're in the middle of an open field grab as much dirt as you can build a small dirt hut. If you're near a mountain, dig into the mountain and cover the way you entered so no mobs follow you in. If you're near some tall trees or a jungle stack up some dirt and stay in the tree.
I hope this guide helped a bit for surviving you're first day in minecraft and have fun playing Minecraft!

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