Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blog post 10: Understanding

Knowing Jonas's point of veiw of the his community helps me see how it like to live in that community with all the restrictions and rules. But I also get to see how everything is gone and how much Jonas wants to have the things we have for example, love. Jonas also represents the readers well because the readers would find Jonas's community strange and questionable. Throughout the book both p.o.v.'s change as we learn how dark the community. At the beginning some may want to live in Jonas's community but over time you may want to change sides just like Jonas when he receives the memories.


  1. What would happen to the point of view if Jonas wasn't the Reciever of Memory?

  2. I think if Jonas wasn't Receiver of Memory his P.O.V. would change a lot slower or it wouldn't change at all. It may change slowly because in chapter 5 Jonas does want the Stirrings to come back.