Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog 15: Thinking

What I like most about the The Giver, well was the Giver himself. I find to be an interesting character he plays the role of the 'teaher' so to speak yet unlike most mentor characters he flaws because he the only person (beside Jonas) who has feelings like we do. He wishes he could do things we could and he haunted by the memories of the past which something that brothers many. I like how he a very important person in his world but to us he feels normal, which makes him relatable, to me at least.

The thing I like the most about the book I'm reading (Warriors (cats): Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail) is the cat called Gray Wing. He probably my favorite so far, not because he the main character but I can relate to him the most. Gray Wing is caring cat and he stay behind in the mountains (where there is very little prey) to help the cats hunt even though he could have gone to a better place where the is more prey to hunt and more space. He always thinking of others before himself and I know I may not always to that but I try my hardest to do so.

Now for what I disliked about the The Giver most and that is how the story ends! Yes, I hated the chapter when we found out what release was but those were also very good and intense chapters that were kind of needed. The ending was left in a cliffhanger that kind of isn't a cliffhanger, more than likely froze to death yet we don't know. I also feel like there could have been more done and that a good character went to waste.

What brothers me the most in my independent book is (spoliers, if you haven't read the Sun Trail or finished it, turn back now) Bright Stream's death (I warned you). It was one the most heartbreaking things to happen in the book because another cat, Clear Sky, was in love with her and they went together so they could be happy and well... have a family. Clear Sky was so crushed by this and he goes downhill very quickly. Also to add insult to injury, Bright Stream was going to have kittens soon so it's double the sad.

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