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Blog 14: Questions and Alternative Ending

Warning this going to be very long.

1. Jonas somehow remembered the feeling of sunshine and gives it to Gabriel. It was Gabriel and finding Elsewhere that was keeping him going. He wants success and to save Gabriel in Elsewhere.
2. The sunshine that he remembers gives hope (false hope, thinking that he may save Gabriel) and strength to continue and to give some to Gabriel.
3. Jonas was so certain because of the joy the waiting for him at the bottom of the hill, he feels like he succeeded. This could also be where those memories took place many, many, many years ago and Jonas can sense it. Jonas can still feel the warmth and happiness of the event because memories are forever and free in Elsewhere.

Alternative Ending to The Giver (this is going to be long)
The frozen sparkling snowflake filled wind whipped and howled like a furious wolf outside of my cozy little cabin. I lived out in Elsewhere on top of a hill that was in a dense forest. It was just me and my brother, no one else because no one knew about us. Once we found out part of the truth 10 years ago on that fateful evening, we left. Some of the memories may have been scary but what we found to be more scary, actually scary because we knew what that meant, was what they were keeping from us, so we left. No one came looking for us because no one dared to leave their communities. I never would have thought I would ever see anyone else besides my brother ever again.

It was very late into the night, the shadows and cold air were out enjoying the night. The inside of our cabin the air was different, warmth and light filled the cabin thanks to a nice smoothing flame in the fireplace. We had just finished eating and I took one last look out the window into the shadow filled night. The snowstorm had stopped and left everything covered in the snow the sparkled in moonlight. My green eyes looked down at the nearby hills and surprisingly I saw something, someone laying in the snow.

“Is that a person in the snow?” I said curiosity filling my words.

“A person? All the way out here, in Elsewhere?” My brother, Tucker said confused. “I have to go see this,” he said grabbing his and putting on his boots and coat, I quickly did the same.

We walked out into into the fresh powdery layer of snow, the cold bitter air welcomed us as it normally did when it was this time of the year. When we got to the person at the bottom of the hill we realized it wasn’t one but two, a teenager and a baby. My feet quicken and I hoped that they were still hanging on to life. I shook them both feeling how terrible cold they were, yet the baby was warmer than the older boy, was he using his warmth to keep the baby alive longer?

Lucky I saw the older boy’s eyes slowly flutter open and the newborn make a cold whimpering sound, both of them had the same diamond blue eyes that sparkled in the moonlight like the snow.

“Take him,” The older boy said weakfully as he handed me and Tucker the freezing cold baby that was hanging on to life only by a thread.

“We can save you too, please come with us!” I begged him even though I had no clue how he was I didn’t want to see him go like this.

“No… I belong here...please take care of him….take care of Gabriel…” He mumbled in a rhythmic  way before he closed his eyes. I felt the tears roll down my face and the air get cooler around me.

“We will,” I said trying not to have an emotional breakdown because there was someone else how needed to get back to our warm cabin as soon as possible. “Let’s go, Amber,” Tucker mumbled as turned around to head to the cabin.

4 months later

Spring had begun with a gentle warm breeze that carried the smell of wildflowers through the forest. Wildlife was returning and even Gabriel was learning his first words. The creek which had been froze almost all winter was finally beginning to melt, meaning we could finally catch fish and Gabriel would be able to experience the creek and running water for the first time, at least that we know of. When the creek completely melted we all went to go and have some fun. When we got there we sat on the soft green grass that was the forest floor, dipping our feet into the cool yet refreshing crystal clear water. We enjoyed the small pockets of sunlight that hit the creek causing water to change into a beautiful array of colors. Gabriel always had an adorable smile on his face when saw one. Everything was so peaceful but this wouldn’t last because i decided to splash Tucker with water.

“AHH!” Tucker shouted, making the most hilarious face ever, even Gabriel laughed at the sight.

“Oh so you think it’s so funny,  then I guess I should try,” Tucker said slyly, splash me with water.

“AHH!” I laughed as I was hit with the water. “Yeah it is fun!” I said  splashing  him back. We ended up splashing each other until we were both soaking wet. We fell to the floor just laughing the hours away with Gabriel.
“Hello?” A female voice called nervously.

Me and Tucker quickly stood up and saw a red haired girl and black haired boy standing on the other side of the creek, near a patch of wildflowers.

“Hello?” Tucker said nervously as he held Gabriel in his arms. We all just stared at each other for a few minutes yet each minute felt like hours & hours of pure silence, only the forest life was moving.

Finally the silence was broken and time felt normal again as the black haired boy broke the silence, “HI, I’m Asher,” he said quickly. Next the red haired girl introduced herself, “I’m F-Fiona,” she said quietly. Another few awkward moments past in between as we waited for someone to say something.

“So...Where are you from?” I asked curious to hear what they would say considering no one ever comes out here to elsewhere.

“Well…” Fiona paused trying to find the right words, “Where from this community where...everything is the same. No one knows about the past except for one person, they are know as the Receiver of memory. They Hold the memories from centuries ago, but if they die with all the memories they go back to the people. Jonas, your friend was that person, a few months ago he just disappeared..” Fiona voice trailed off, with a tear rolling down her face.

“The old Receiver of memory, who was training Jonas, told us that he had fell into the river…” Asher spoke quickly trying to hold back the bitterness. “Everyone was in shock, even more shock really, after all those memories came back to the people. Jonas’s family unit was heartbroken, truly heartbroken.” Asher said quickly again.

“What the Giver said next surprised everyone, he said that it was time for people to go back to the way things were centuries and centuries ago. He believed that it was time for everyone to see what the world was really like,” Fiona said still puzzled about the Giver decision.

“Some people started to form groups to go and explore elsewhere. Then the rumors about Elsewhere quickly spread,” Asher said almost sounding a bit embarrassed.

“They said that Elsewhere was everything you could imagine,” Asher started. “And nothing you would expect,” Fiona finished as if they had planned it.

“We didn’t know what that meant so we decided to find out for ourselves,” Asher said biting his tongue a bit.

“Except… we don’t know where Elsewhere is or when Elsewhere begins,” Fiona said feeling slightly silly.

I looked at them hard for a few split seconds then i extended my arm, reaching out as far as I could.

“Welcome to Elsewhere,” I smiled.

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