Friday, March 4, 2016

Blog 11: Reaction to Released

To all those people wanted to live in Jonas's community, I don't think they want to now because guess what JONAS'S SOCIETY IS MESSED UP!!! Chapter 18 wasn't too sad, I glad the we finally get to know who failed....whatever I still like Rosemary backstory even though the end was pretty sad. Okay now for runt/reaction to chapter 19 this maybe long, you been warned. This is honestly hard to think of the right words to use to describe this chapter, the beginning is brings up the question that been in our head seen chapter one when you read, "NEEDLESS TO SAY, HE WILL BE RELEASED" on page 2. Now the answer to one of our biggest questions has been answered in a very heartbreaking matter (or at least for me it was). I was hoping that released meant that they will sent somewhere with color and all the stuff we have or like a prison depending on what they did. Yet over time my gut told me, 'it's darker and you know it' but I went on hoping maybe the society isn't that messed, right? They wouldn't do that to newborns or the old, right? Yet this was false hope. Released is much darker than I wanted to be, I mean, how can you do that to someone?! On top of that a baby?! Elderly?! I get that normal people don't have feelings and all but how do you not feel something telling you, screaming at you, this is wrong! How could Jonas's father so carelessly kill that helpless and innocent baby, put it down a chute to who nowhere, and say "bye-bye little guy" so heartlessly?! Does anyone else feel like getting a frying pan, going to Jonas's world, finding Jonas's father, and smacking hit on the head with the frying pan!!!!!! Now I feel worried about what is 'Elsewhere'. Is it a wasteland and ruins of place after a huge war? Has nature reclaimed it's land and now it's forests, mountains, and deserts? Abandon cities? People hiding in ruins or forests?

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