Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog Two: Two world colliding

Similarities between our world and Jonas's world. 
Volunteering to help the community.
Volunteering is used to find a hobby (sometimes).
Volunteering used for service hours.

Talking about dreams everyday in the morning.
Start taking pills if have strong emotions in dreams.
People in Jonas's community don't know what animals are.

Which world would I live in? 
I would stay in our world because I things are way worse there than here because... 
The pills they take block stronger emotions which is pretty if you me.
They don't have animals, which I like talking to my cat because its sometimes easier and it's nice to have some to talk when you're lonely.
In our world people can choose what they want to do for their career.
And finally the last is here everyone can be themselves and be different here. 

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