Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog 9: Imagine

The song Imagine by John Lennon is about a world where there's peace and everyone happy so what does this have to do with The Giver? Well both worlds have peace but the world where The Giver takes place things are different, for example, they don't have color, sunshine, snow, history, love, individually, or animals. The people in the community have no choice in what they want to do in there life. The Giver version of peace is different from what we imagine peace to be, peace in Jonas's world is so different that it's questioned by the main character, why don't they have color, sunshine, or love?!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog eight: Freedom

Ensure domestic tranquility in today's society is very hard, do we want to keep our privacy or protect the place we live? Even if one answer some peace is lost, private or national. My answer challenges my belief of freedom because I want there to be peace here so everyone safe. Freedom in the Giver is very different they don't have to worry about peace because they have Sameness. The Sameness makes it so everything is same, everything peaceful. Yet this is at the cost of freedom, you don't get to choose. They also have very robotic lives because they're all the same way.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog seven: Jonas's POV change

Jonas's POV of his community is changing because he becoming curious to why they still don't have some of the things we have like snow or sunshine or hills. Even when the Giver tells him they caused some problems he still says they would be nice to have.
I also have a few theories about Jonas's community, the first is Jonas's community doesn't know what color is. I think this is true because on the cover the apple is the only thing that's in color, does this mean when Jonas saw the apple change in chapter 3 he saw the apple like an apple we would see, a normal red apple but it wouldn't be normal for him because everything in black and white. This theory would also work with the Sameness because to stop jealously or be bullying for how you look, they would take away color.

Blog Six: New chapter title

An honor 
Chapter 9
This is what I would rename chapter 9 because everyone thinks Jonas has been greatly honor but Jonas isn't too sure on how he feels. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog four: Unity through conformity

The community enforcement of conformity also creates unity because everyone is treated the same exact way, from punishment to good behavior to Ceremonies. Even if you wanted to be different or stand out everyone else will still look at you the same because they have to follow the rules like everyone else. The rules that are enforced don't allow you to be different or you'll get in trouble, even released because they don't want anyone to be different. I think this is probably because someone who is different (and smart) could be a threat and cause 'chaos' to their 'perfect' community. I also think that maybe Receiver of Memory may be different from everyone else because he lives alone, I think he waiting for someone to be different and be able show the truth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blog Three: What If?

My life without knowledge of historical event would be bad to say the least, not only would I be at risk for repeating past mistakes but of doing something worse than the past events. Not learning from the past is a dumb mistake but, not knowing about the past at all can be even worst because if the past events weren't to the worst possible thing than the future events could be the worst possible thing cause they never learned the aftermath of the past events, which was still bad. I do believe knowing world history is important because you don't want to repeat the past or not know how to stop something that already happened. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog Two: Two world colliding

Similarities between our world and Jonas's world. 
Volunteering to help the community.
Volunteering is used to find a hobby (sometimes).
Volunteering used for service hours.

Talking about dreams everyday in the morning.
Start taking pills if have strong emotions in dreams.
People in Jonas's community don't know what animals are.

Which world would I live in? 
I would stay in our world because I things are way worse there than here because... 
The pills they take block stronger emotions which is pretty if you me.
They don't have animals, which I like talking to my cat because its sometimes easier and it's nice to have some to talk when you're lonely.
In our world people can choose what they want to do for their career.
And finally the last is here everyone can be themselves and be different here. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog one: Career choices

If someone were to choose my career for me when I was 12 years old I would have mixed emotions about the career they picked. One con about someone picking a job for someone else is that if the other person doesn't really know what you want to do when grow up unless they know that other person well. Even if they knew you a bit you may not show your true side, so they may think know what to do but you actually want to do something else. The other person picking your job may think your hobby is what you want to do but not something you would do as a profession.

 One pro would be that would not be so confused with what to do when they get older, but this only a pro if don't what you want to yet. Some people don't know what they are meant to be yet so someone else picking for them would help them. This could also help them find something they enjoy to do.