Monday, April 25, 2016

Intro Poetry Reflection

1. There are a few that poems need to be poems, the first is emotions. While emotions are important in most pieces of writing in poetry it's 10 times more important in poetry because you have piece of writing that still has be good. When many people see a short written piece of writing people think it's bad because there's no room for emotions and without emotions things are bland so catch your reader off guard with a lot of emotion in a poem. This also helps the reader find a theme/moral for your poem because the reader will know the moral can follow an emotion. Another very important thing for poems to have is being descriptive, you want to paint a picture in the readers head. While this is something you should do in all writing in poetry you want to paint a picture a little more because it helps set the tone of the poem which can help the reader find a moral.

2. Something that a poem shouldn't be is long and talking information because when a poem get long it becomes essay. Poems are normally tell you a life lesson not something you can learn in school or in your spare time.

3.  Some difference between Williams and Bradstreet poem is Williams's poems are short while Bradstreet's poem are long. Williams's poems also have multiple stanzas with few lines while Bradstreet's poem is one big stanza with a lot of lines. Bradstreet's poem also has a lot more metaphorical language and older language in it than Williams's poems.

4. One thing that Williams's and Bradstreet's poems have in common is they are descriptive, whether that be paint a picture of kid doing something wrong or two people in love and how it better than everything else.

Friday, April 1, 2016

March 31

About two years ago I went on my first actual roller coaster. I had been on small small roller coaster and a few crazy thrill rides at the Dupage County fair that happens in the summer but I never been on a roller coaster. It was two weeks until school started and my family had just finished moving in to the apartment were at now. The summer had been really boring (finding a place and moving is boring) so my parents surprised me by going to Six Flags. I was so excited to going on a roller coaster, I couldn't keep still in the line. The first roller coaster we rode was the X-flight and it was amazing! The rush of air in your face, your stomach turning inside out, and the first drop, it was so awesome! I loved going on roller coaster since, even though I'm scared at first, I love them in the end!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 30

One thing that one of my best friends says to every time I see her (she is from another middle school) is little buddy, it's a weird best friend thing. P.S. I'm shorter than her but I'm older.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29

I believe in alter universes, there is evidence for this now too. I sometimes find myself wondering if there is an alternate universe is different or only some things different.
Now I would like to say something I don't believe in, black cats are bad luck. I never have believed black cats were bad luck because my mom has one and he so loving and sweet, he is probably one of the sweetest cats we have. I can also relate to them in a way, they are always judged and so am I. Being one of smarter kids in my grade everyone always thinks I'm just mature and serious but I can be fun too, but no one really sees that. I wish people wouldn't judge me or black cats, just give us a chance and we can show you we aren't everything you think.

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28

Food is something all people need but some foods we might just be better staying away from. Mainly junk food is something we should try to stay away from or we should only have it from time to time.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 27

Some advice that I have given myself is, that a time to dwell in the moment and time to look ahead for the future and hope that tomorrow better.

March 26

If I could have three wishes they would be....
1. No one hates each other.
2. No more taxes.
3. For my cat to quit biting me.

March 25

How to play Minecraft (Pc version)
1. When your world loads up the first thing you want to do is punch a tree. Why you ask? Simple, you need wood for just about everything in minecraft. I recommend punching down two trees and you do this by holding the left button on your mouse.
2. Open your crafting inventory by pressing E, near the top you will see a two by two space, this is were you craft. Put most of tree wood in one the space and you'll see wood appear on the other side (next to the arrow). Once you got that done put one piece of wood in each open space of the two by two area. You should get a crafting table, this crafting table is what you will using to craft from now on.
3. Hit E again to exit the inventory, in the hot bar (the seven slots that are still on your screen after closing your inventory) you should have put your crafting table there. Place down the crafting table by right clicking when you're over it. Right click again to open a three by three crafting menu, this will you're main crafting menu from now on.
4. Now let's make some sticks and pickaxe, first you will need to make the sticks. Place one (or however many pieces) of wood in the bottom row and middle row, only in the middle of the rows. You such get some sticks, right click to get them. Now to make a pickaxe, you will need two sticks and three wood. Place one stick in the bottom row and middle row, in the middle of each row. Place a piece of wood in each section in the top row, you should get a pickaxe. Hit E to exit the crafting screen.
5. Okay so now that you have done you probably only have a few minutes left before the sunset and all the mobs come out (creepers, skeletons, endermen, and all that fun stuff). You still need two very important things, stone and shelter. First the stone (a gray block), if you any around you go for it but you need eight places of it a least. If don't see any stone close by don't freak out, you just need to dig a little staircase until you find some stone. Okay now that you got some stone you need to build a quick shelter.
6. So if you're in the middle of an open field grab as much dirt as you can build a small dirt hut. If you're near a mountain, dig into the mountain and cover the way you entered so no mobs follow you in. If you're near some tall trees or a jungle stack up some dirt and stay in the tree.
I hope this guide helped a bit for surviving you're first day in minecraft and have fun playing Minecraft!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24

Okay please understand this what I think and it's okay if you like it still, this is just my opinion.

I think that rap is bad.

I have just never liked the music, mainly because most rap music has swearing, just wanting to be rich, talking about drugs or gangs, or/and inappropriate stuff. I feel like rappers don't put a lot of effort into there work and I just don't like it. I have just never liked it when someone puts half or no effort into their work, it drives me crazy.

Another thing that is just my opinion is that people who never do the work in a group project are lazy. Not to say that everyone is lazy or something like that, maybe something bad and it caused you not work that much. I won't lie and I know I could have done some more for work in some group projects, I'm not perfect but I just hate it when people throw the work to the smart kid. Which is normally me, people are like, whatever she can do it, she's the smart kid. This is the main reason why I prefer to work alone because a majority of the time my partners do little to no work. I seriously have felt like they don't care and use me because I'm smart, this also why I not that open to people because I don't want treated like I'm just something that will get the work done for you .

March 23

The family member I'm choosing to write about is my little goofball, Calvin. Calvin is my cat, (I've talked about him previous blogs) and I adopted him back on August 8, 2015. My cat is extremely playful, seriously he will play anything and everything, this goes for biting too. Unlike my last cat (who I will always love) who was a sweetheart and loved to be with people, Calvin is an evil little thing. He normally getting into trouble or annoying the other two cats and I always find myself shouting "Calvin!" on the daily bases. Yet despite how annoying he can be, he is very loyal. Whenever he sleeping he is near me and puts his chin on my leg or arm and so cute, he actually doing it as I type this.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22

I really do enjoy hanging out and having funny with my friend here but my closest friends is from Unity. Don't worry if you're one of my friends, you are all awesome it just that I have know her since the 2nd grade and the only person I have still managed to stay in contact with after all this time. Her name is Ally (well not really but she goes by this name on the internet) she been my best friend for a good long while and she always there for me and I'm always there for her. We get along so well and she really is a great person and I'm she my friend. She one of these friends that will be your friend for forever and you can always trust.

P.S. Sorry about this blog and the last but blogspot is glitching.

March 21

Star Wars
I have recently gotten into this fandom and I try not to show but whenever I see it or hear it I can't help it and I start laughing. Help me.

My cat Calvin
He does some of the weirdest, stupidest, and funniest things you'll ever see. Yesterday we got a new table and he had jumped on. When he tried to jump for he fell sideways cause of the fur on the bottom of his paws, it was hilarious. He a picture of my little adorkable cat.

There are so many puns in this game, sometimes I laugh other times I face palm.

My friends
They help me laugh and we get along so well, even when one of us says a stupid pun. It's odd cause we are normally great in class and get a lot but when we aren't working we are so crazy.

The cat fail videos there are hilarious. A YouTuber called MunchingOrange (he does pokemon stuff) always makes me laugh even when it's a bad day.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19

If I could choose a time to live in, it would be the 80s. I would enjoy this time more because it simply a more peaceful time in my opinion, you don't hear about has many problems there then here. Not to mention that everyone went outside more and hangout with friends more, mainly because you didn't have to worry about something terrible happening, it was safe.

Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18

This weekend I'm planning to play in Splatfest in Splatoon (Nintendo's third person shooter) and write some more chapters to the other book I'm working on. It's splatoon related and if you haven't guessed I'm a Nintendo nerd.
P.S. If you do want to check out the book it will be up (hopefully) by the end of Spring break on Wattpad by Meowyrose (me).

Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17

My favorite quote is "The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all the matters" by Audrey Hepburn.

Blog 16: Workshop (Reading/Writing)

So I decided to write a super mario fanfic and no it not about Peach and Mario falling in love or something stupid like that. That is so terrible over done and a bit of a cliché in my opinion. If you want to know what happens I should (hopefully) have the book up on Wattpad by the end of April. If you're wondering why it will take me that long to finish a chapter, I try to get the first 10 chapters written before I publish it. It will be called Dawn: Super Mario fanfic and it's by Meowyrose (me), if you want to check it out.
Here the summary:
Villians and heroes, the people that protect us and destroy us, except who does what? Are they heroes of the bad? Are they the villians of the bad? I have never questioned this before it just passed through me like nothing when maybe I should have look more carefully. Who is everyone and what side am I on? I can only hope my light is enough to find the truth.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 16

Three things I definitely live without
1. Stupidity
2. Fear
3. Rudeness/Bullies

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15

Three things that I can't live without
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Pillows (cause they're comfortable and good to hit friends with >:3)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog 15: Thinking

What I like most about the The Giver, well was the Giver himself. I find to be an interesting character he plays the role of the 'teaher' so to speak yet unlike most mentor characters he flaws because he the only person (beside Jonas) who has feelings like we do. He wishes he could do things we could and he haunted by the memories of the past which something that brothers many. I like how he a very important person in his world but to us he feels normal, which makes him relatable, to me at least.

The thing I like the most about the book I'm reading (Warriors (cats): Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail) is the cat called Gray Wing. He probably my favorite so far, not because he the main character but I can relate to him the most. Gray Wing is caring cat and he stay behind in the mountains (where there is very little prey) to help the cats hunt even though he could have gone to a better place where the is more prey to hunt and more space. He always thinking of others before himself and I know I may not always to that but I try my hardest to do so.

Now for what I disliked about the The Giver most and that is how the story ends! Yes, I hated the chapter when we found out what release was but those were also very good and intense chapters that were kind of needed. The ending was left in a cliffhanger that kind of isn't a cliffhanger, more than likely froze to death yet we don't know. I also feel like there could have been more done and that a good character went to waste.

What brothers me the most in my independent book is (spoliers, if you haven't read the Sun Trail or finished it, turn back now) Bright Stream's death (I warned you). It was one the most heartbreaking things to happen in the book because another cat, Clear Sky, was in love with her and they went together so they could be happy and well... have a family. Clear Sky was so crushed by this and he goes downhill very quickly. Also to add insult to injury, Bright Stream was going to have kittens soon so it's double the sad.

March 14th

Something that I would like to learn is how to professional draw on a computer, yes I digital draw. I just prefer digital over traditional drawing and there's nothing wrong with traditional but better at digital. Another that really should is how to speak spanish because I'm mexican yet I still haven't learned it.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13th

My biggest pet peeve is when I ask is something wrong, when clearly something wrong. The three thing drive my crazy would be when my mom is trying to talk to me as I walk away (she talks quietly), people treating me like a second grader, and people that play there music on speaker in public!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12th

I'm currently reading Warriors (cats) Dawn of the Clans: Book 1: The Sun Trail.

I'm currently eating an orange.

I'm currently loving Splatoon! Seriously it's an awesome shooter on the Wii U, if you a Wii U I highly recommend it.

I'm currently hating morning allergies, I normally sneeze about 4-6 times in a row. I also just hate mornings in general.

I'm currently smelling an apple scented candle.

I'm currently thinking about what I'm going to write in the next chapter of my fan fiction.

March 11th

My favorite article of clothing would be jacket, not a winter jacket but one that you wear in spring sometimes. I don't really know what it is about jackets I just like them. I guess this is what happens when you're a random kitty.

Blog 14: Questions and Alternative Ending

Warning this going to be very long.

1. Jonas somehow remembered the feeling of sunshine and gives it to Gabriel. It was Gabriel and finding Elsewhere that was keeping him going. He wants success and to save Gabriel in Elsewhere.
2. The sunshine that he remembers gives hope (false hope, thinking that he may save Gabriel) and strength to continue and to give some to Gabriel.
3. Jonas was so certain because of the joy the waiting for him at the bottom of the hill, he feels like he succeeded. This could also be where those memories took place many, many, many years ago and Jonas can sense it. Jonas can still feel the warmth and happiness of the event because memories are forever and free in Elsewhere.

Alternative Ending to The Giver (this is going to be long)
The frozen sparkling snowflake filled wind whipped and howled like a furious wolf outside of my cozy little cabin. I lived out in Elsewhere on top of a hill that was in a dense forest. It was just me and my brother, no one else because no one knew about us. Once we found out part of the truth 10 years ago on that fateful evening, we left. Some of the memories may have been scary but what we found to be more scary, actually scary because we knew what that meant, was what they were keeping from us, so we left. No one came looking for us because no one dared to leave their communities. I never would have thought I would ever see anyone else besides my brother ever again.

It was very late into the night, the shadows and cold air were out enjoying the night. The inside of our cabin the air was different, warmth and light filled the cabin thanks to a nice smoothing flame in the fireplace. We had just finished eating and I took one last look out the window into the shadow filled night. The snowstorm had stopped and left everything covered in the snow the sparkled in moonlight. My green eyes looked down at the nearby hills and surprisingly I saw something, someone laying in the snow.

“Is that a person in the snow?” I said curiosity filling my words.

“A person? All the way out here, in Elsewhere?” My brother, Tucker said confused. “I have to go see this,” he said grabbing his and putting on his boots and coat, I quickly did the same.

We walked out into into the fresh powdery layer of snow, the cold bitter air welcomed us as it normally did when it was this time of the year. When we got to the person at the bottom of the hill we realized it wasn’t one but two, a teenager and a baby. My feet quicken and I hoped that they were still hanging on to life. I shook them both feeling how terrible cold they were, yet the baby was warmer than the older boy, was he using his warmth to keep the baby alive longer?

Lucky I saw the older boy’s eyes slowly flutter open and the newborn make a cold whimpering sound, both of them had the same diamond blue eyes that sparkled in the moonlight like the snow.

“Take him,” The older boy said weakfully as he handed me and Tucker the freezing cold baby that was hanging on to life only by a thread.

“We can save you too, please come with us!” I begged him even though I had no clue how he was I didn’t want to see him go like this.

“No… I belong here...please take care of him….take care of Gabriel…” He mumbled in a rhythmic  way before he closed his eyes. I felt the tears roll down my face and the air get cooler around me.

“We will,” I said trying not to have an emotional breakdown because there was someone else how needed to get back to our warm cabin as soon as possible. “Let’s go, Amber,” Tucker mumbled as turned around to head to the cabin.

4 months later

Spring had begun with a gentle warm breeze that carried the smell of wildflowers through the forest. Wildlife was returning and even Gabriel was learning his first words. The creek which had been froze almost all winter was finally beginning to melt, meaning we could finally catch fish and Gabriel would be able to experience the creek and running water for the first time, at least that we know of. When the creek completely melted we all went to go and have some fun. When we got there we sat on the soft green grass that was the forest floor, dipping our feet into the cool yet refreshing crystal clear water. We enjoyed the small pockets of sunlight that hit the creek causing water to change into a beautiful array of colors. Gabriel always had an adorable smile on his face when saw one. Everything was so peaceful but this wouldn’t last because i decided to splash Tucker with water.

“AHH!” Tucker shouted, making the most hilarious face ever, even Gabriel laughed at the sight.

“Oh so you think it’s so funny,  then I guess I should try,” Tucker said slyly, splash me with water.

“AHH!” I laughed as I was hit with the water. “Yeah it is fun!” I said  splashing  him back. We ended up splashing each other until we were both soaking wet. We fell to the floor just laughing the hours away with Gabriel.
“Hello?” A female voice called nervously.

Me and Tucker quickly stood up and saw a red haired girl and black haired boy standing on the other side of the creek, near a patch of wildflowers.

“Hello?” Tucker said nervously as he held Gabriel in his arms. We all just stared at each other for a few minutes yet each minute felt like hours & hours of pure silence, only the forest life was moving.

Finally the silence was broken and time felt normal again as the black haired boy broke the silence, “HI, I’m Asher,” he said quickly. Next the red haired girl introduced herself, “I’m F-Fiona,” she said quietly. Another few awkward moments past in between as we waited for someone to say something.

“So...Where are you from?” I asked curious to hear what they would say considering no one ever comes out here to elsewhere.

“Well…” Fiona paused trying to find the right words, “Where from this community where...everything is the same. No one knows about the past except for one person, they are know as the Receiver of memory. They Hold the memories from centuries ago, but if they die with all the memories they go back to the people. Jonas, your friend was that person, a few months ago he just disappeared..” Fiona voice trailed off, with a tear rolling down her face.

“The old Receiver of memory, who was training Jonas, told us that he had fell into the river…” Asher spoke quickly trying to hold back the bitterness. “Everyone was in shock, even more shock really, after all those memories came back to the people. Jonas’s family unit was heartbroken, truly heartbroken.” Asher said quickly again.

“What the Giver said next surprised everyone, he said that it was time for people to go back to the way things were centuries and centuries ago. He believed that it was time for everyone to see what the world was really like,” Fiona said still puzzled about the Giver decision.

“Some people started to form groups to go and explore elsewhere. Then the rumors about Elsewhere quickly spread,” Asher said almost sounding a bit embarrassed.

“They said that Elsewhere was everything you could imagine,” Asher started. “And nothing you would expect,” Fiona finished as if they had planned it.

“We didn’t know what that meant so we decided to find out for ourselves,” Asher said biting his tongue a bit.

“Except… we don’t know where Elsewhere is or when Elsewhere begins,” Fiona said feeling slightly silly.

I looked at them hard for a few split seconds then i extended my arm, reaching out as far as I could.

“Welcome to Elsewhere,” I smiled.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10th

If I ran the world I would give everyone equal pay, no matter what job or gender! I would also give longer weekends (3 or 4 days) because everyone always so stressed and people never have enough time to spend with their families. Finally I would do everything I can to find a cure for all diseases in the world because no should have to go through that kind of pain, physical or mentally.

Blog 13: Famous

I would choose to be unknown during my life than be remembered after my life because I don't want to be known by everyone cause everyone will annoy me and it wouldn't be fun. I also just don't have the desire to be famous or rich, I just want to be myself.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9th

Well the biggest lie I've ever told was when I was about 6 years old and I told my mom that my dad had yelled at me. My dad had been really nice to me actually so I got in big trouble and I got in trouble for the rest of the day. Looking at this I don't even know why I did something that stupid, I'm glad my parents punished me for that.

Blog 12: Legacy

After I'm gone I want to be known as someone who liked to help people and creative and fun person who wasn't afraid. I hope people remember who I was and don't forget any part of me because my flaws make me human, I don't want to be known as some perfect person because I'm far from it. After I'm gone I hope the lasting affect will be people will help each other more often and maybe not fight so much. As of where I am now I think I'm at a good place, I don't have any big problems or burdens and I think my friends would at least see me this way.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8th

Kitty's cure to sadness
Step 1.
Get Ice Cream
Step 2.
Yell into pillow about whatever happened, write down in a journal, or tell someone or something.
Step 3.
Watch something funny on Youtube, like cats fails or do not laugh challenge, just laugh this time.
Step 4.
More Ice cream :3
Step 5.
Get outside and get some fresh air.

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7th

Top 3 songs
Umm.... Does background music count? Whatever because that what I listen to the most. 

1. Colors by Tobu (not the vocal remix) 
I listen to a lot of his music on soundcloud it just really good upbeat background music. 

2. Alpha by C418 
Yes, I'm a minecraft nerd but I don't care what you think I love that game. Alpha is actually a really peacefully song yet a the same time it mystical and upbeat. 

3. Spectrum by Zedd 
I like the electronic tone of the music and it reminds me of Jonas world in an odd way. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6th

1. Australia cause koalas are adorable!!!! :)
2. Yosemite National Park, in February the waterfalls look gold, orange, or red and it's so pretty!<--- picture of the waterfall (copy and paste)
3. Japan, they have cat café and I want to visit one.
4. Mount Rainier National Park, my mom told me it's really pretty there.
5. Hawaii, I want to go over a volcano in a helicopter (from a safe distance).

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5th

I wish I understood why my cat is such a weirdo. The photo may look normal but he learned how to turn on the electric blanket so he warmed the blanket he sleeping on.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Blog 11: Reaction to Released

To all those people wanted to live in Jonas's community, I don't think they want to now because guess what JONAS'S SOCIETY IS MESSED UP!!! Chapter 18 wasn't too sad, I glad the we finally get to know who failed....whatever I still like Rosemary backstory even though the end was pretty sad. Okay now for runt/reaction to chapter 19 this maybe long, you been warned. This is honestly hard to think of the right words to use to describe this chapter, the beginning is brings up the question that been in our head seen chapter one when you read, "NEEDLESS TO SAY, HE WILL BE RELEASED" on page 2. Now the answer to one of our biggest questions has been answered in a very heartbreaking matter (or at least for me it was). I was hoping that released meant that they will sent somewhere with color and all the stuff we have or like a prison depending on what they did. Yet over time my gut told me, 'it's darker and you know it' but I went on hoping maybe the society isn't that messed, right? They wouldn't do that to newborns or the old, right? Yet this was false hope. Released is much darker than I wanted to be, I mean, how can you do that to someone?! On top of that a baby?! Elderly?! I get that normal people don't have feelings and all but how do you not feel something telling you, screaming at you, this is wrong! How could Jonas's father so carelessly kill that helpless and innocent baby, put it down a chute to who nowhere, and say "bye-bye little guy" so heartlessly?! Does anyone else feel like getting a frying pan, going to Jonas's world, finding Jonas's father, and smacking hit on the head with the frying pan!!!!!! Now I feel worried about what is 'Elsewhere'. Is it a wasteland and ruins of place after a huge war? Has nature reclaimed it's land and now it's forests, mountains, and deserts? Abandon cities? People hiding in ruins or forests?

March 4th

Someone that fascinating to me is my cat but not in a good way, he fascinates me on how crazy he is, I must have adopted the weirdest cat ever. One of the weirdest things I've seen my cat is sit in the sink even when the water running! Yet any other time is wet he hates a lot, like any normal cat. One few the other things that I find weird is bies everything, from my phone, to my toothbrush (I had to get a new one), to pencil and eraser. Yep, my cats is crazy, possibly insane.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3rd

One thing that really scary for me is the dark, now don't say it's because I think there's a monster under my bed or something stupid like that. I actually like being in the dark with others (like looking a the stars with friends or something like that), its just the feeling of being alone in the dark that scary. I don't know why but I sometimes feel like something is watching me and it just creeps out, then I can't fall asleep or sleep well.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2nd Blog challenge

1. Okay, this a very small thing, you have to kill the spider or whaetever on the floor, wall, and cilling.
2. You aren't allowed to scary with a spider, snake, and/or bug.
3. Don't lie to me, I will find out! Seriously I hate liars, just tell me the truth and things won't go so terribly.
4. Be nice to my friends ad well because I want everyone to get along, you don't have to be best friends or something like that, just please try to get along with my friends.
5. Don't be rude/swear

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1st

1. I had a dream were I was fighting my friends with a swordfish and I was on top of a fridge.
  2. When I was five I thought Tornado Alley was an alley were you play with tops called tornadoes.
   3.  When I hold out my arms, my left arm's blue vein looks like "I" and my right arm's blue vein looks like "N".
   4. I have some trust issues, but I'm trying not be so afraid to trust others anymore.
    5. I never listen to one specific artist or genre of music, I just hear music from speed paints and random videos on YouTube.

Blog post 10: Understanding

Knowing Jonas's point of veiw of the his community helps me see how it like to live in that community with all the restrictions and rules. But I also get to see how everything is gone and how much Jonas wants to have the things we have for example, love. Jonas also represents the readers well because the readers would find Jonas's community strange and questionable. Throughout the book both p.o.v.'s change as we learn how dark the community. At the beginning some may want to live in Jonas's community but over time you may want to change sides just like Jonas when he receives the memories.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog 9: Imagine

The song Imagine by John Lennon is about a world where there's peace and everyone happy so what does this have to do with The Giver? Well both worlds have peace but the world where The Giver takes place things are different, for example, they don't have color, sunshine, snow, history, love, individually, or animals. The people in the community have no choice in what they want to do in there life. The Giver version of peace is different from what we imagine peace to be, peace in Jonas's world is so different that it's questioned by the main character, why don't they have color, sunshine, or love?!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog eight: Freedom

Ensure domestic tranquility in today's society is very hard, do we want to keep our privacy or protect the place we live? Even if one answer some peace is lost, private or national. My answer challenges my belief of freedom because I want there to be peace here so everyone safe. Freedom in the Giver is very different they don't have to worry about peace because they have Sameness. The Sameness makes it so everything is same, everything peaceful. Yet this is at the cost of freedom, you don't get to choose. They also have very robotic lives because they're all the same way.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog seven: Jonas's POV change

Jonas's POV of his community is changing because he becoming curious to why they still don't have some of the things we have like snow or sunshine or hills. Even when the Giver tells him they caused some problems he still says they would be nice to have.
I also have a few theories about Jonas's community, the first is Jonas's community doesn't know what color is. I think this is true because on the cover the apple is the only thing that's in color, does this mean when Jonas saw the apple change in chapter 3 he saw the apple like an apple we would see, a normal red apple but it wouldn't be normal for him because everything in black and white. This theory would also work with the Sameness because to stop jealously or be bullying for how you look, they would take away color.

Blog Six: New chapter title

An honor 
Chapter 9
This is what I would rename chapter 9 because everyone thinks Jonas has been greatly honor but Jonas isn't too sure on how he feels. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog four: Unity through conformity

The community enforcement of conformity also creates unity because everyone is treated the same exact way, from punishment to good behavior to Ceremonies. Even if you wanted to be different or stand out everyone else will still look at you the same because they have to follow the rules like everyone else. The rules that are enforced don't allow you to be different or you'll get in trouble, even released because they don't want anyone to be different. I think this is probably because someone who is different (and smart) could be a threat and cause 'chaos' to their 'perfect' community. I also think that maybe Receiver of Memory may be different from everyone else because he lives alone, I think he waiting for someone to be different and be able show the truth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blog Three: What If?

My life without knowledge of historical event would be bad to say the least, not only would I be at risk for repeating past mistakes but of doing something worse than the past events. Not learning from the past is a dumb mistake but, not knowing about the past at all can be even worst because if the past events weren't to the worst possible thing than the future events could be the worst possible thing cause they never learned the aftermath of the past events, which was still bad. I do believe knowing world history is important because you don't want to repeat the past or not know how to stop something that already happened. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog Two: Two world colliding

Similarities between our world and Jonas's world. 
Volunteering to help the community.
Volunteering is used to find a hobby (sometimes).
Volunteering used for service hours.

Talking about dreams everyday in the morning.
Start taking pills if have strong emotions in dreams.
People in Jonas's community don't know what animals are.

Which world would I live in? 
I would stay in our world because I things are way worse there than here because... 
The pills they take block stronger emotions which is pretty if you me.
They don't have animals, which I like talking to my cat because its sometimes easier and it's nice to have some to talk when you're lonely.
In our world people can choose what they want to do for their career.
And finally the last is here everyone can be themselves and be different here. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog one: Career choices

If someone were to choose my career for me when I was 12 years old I would have mixed emotions about the career they picked. One con about someone picking a job for someone else is that if the other person doesn't really know what you want to do when grow up unless they know that other person well. Even if they knew you a bit you may not show your true side, so they may think know what to do but you actually want to do something else. The other person picking your job may think your hobby is what you want to do but not something you would do as a profession.

 One pro would be that would not be so confused with what to do when they get older, but this only a pro if don't what you want to yet. Some people don't know what they are meant to be yet so someone else picking for them would help them. This could also help them find something they enjoy to do.